Dr. Mahmoud KhattabEarns a Name for Himself for His Commitment to The Medical Field and Charity

The Global Health Care Outlook is an analysis that is done annually to keep the health sector on its toes. The outlook seeks to make sure that the healthcare industry delivers its promised transformations. In the 2021 Global Health Care Outlook, various issues were discussed. One of the issues that were vastly discussed was health equity. It was established that health equity is one of the top concerns among healthcare organizations and executives. The stakeholders in this sector have realized the importance of closing gaps often seen in health disparities even as community members and employers advocate for change.

Mahmoud Khattab is one person who has received numerous accreditations in the health sector. This is because he advocates for equal health care for his patients. Dr. Mahmoud Khattab serves in the prestigious position of Chief Executive Officer of Precision M.D based in California. His expansive and valued experience in the medical industry spans over three decades. Dr. Khattab hails from Syria and earned his degree from the prestigious and highly-ranked Syrian medical school at the University of Damascus in the year 1993. He later immigrated to the stateside where he completed his rigorous medical residency program at the Case Western Hospital based in Cleveland, Ohio.

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The Case Western Hospital is accredited for being one of the United States’ most prestigious and coveted medical institutions with a severe residency program. Dr. Mahmoud Khattab’s expansive dedication in the health sector is a result of a profound passion to help other people especially the ones in need of accessing better healthcare options. As an internist, Dr. Khattab was in a position to offer acute treatment and provide the necessary resources for preventative healthcare measures. Other than making magnificent contributions in the medical world, Dr. Mahmoud Khattab is also a philanthropist with vast charitable endeavors.