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George Blatt

American executive George Blatt initially entered the workforce as a corporate lawyer who worked everything from entertainment law to being a general counsel for Martha Stewart. His wandering spirit took him in a variety of interesting directions and gave him a wide range of experiences from which to draw. Now a CEO in the technology industry, Blatt has held increasingly senior positions in the massive holding company IAC and its subsidiaries MatchGroup and Tinder.

In order to handle the massive workload that comes with being a CEO, Blatt is a fan of a flexible schedule. Rather than schedule his day down to the minute details, Blatt feels that it is important to have a part of his day that remains open and unscheduled. He feels that this allows him to maintain a healthy balance between working proactively and reactively as well as allowing him to plan ahead for success as well as deal with any unforeseen necessities as they crop up. Blatt feels that this balance is important not only for executives but for all employees in a company. Blatt believes in building the best team possible and empowering them rather than attempting to micromanage them in order to bring your ideas to life.

Other than flexibility, Blatt totes inquisitiveness as a quality that is crucial to exceptional leadership. Though it can make one sound like a broken record or a precocious child, Blatt feels as though the most important question you can ask someone is “why?” Whether it comes to proposing a strategy or making a move in a certain direction, knowing why and being able to articulate it is a practical necessity. Blatt believes that having a truly open dialogue is key to innovation and that too often businesses elect to proceed with ideas or strategies without having that dialogue.

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