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How to Use The New Cloud Inventory Software To Boost Your Supply Chain Management

The new version of Cloud Inventory includes real-time inventory control, full inventory transparency, prioritization, and key performance indicator management. These capabilities deliver true visibility across every stage of the supply chain, from placing orders to warehouse management, from buyer orders to your bank account.

DSI provides warehouse management and inventory control software for distribution companies of all sizes and across all channels of distribution. In the cloud or on-premise, DSI solutions optimize warehouse operations, improve operational visibility, improve workforce productivity, lower inventory costs, and increase revenue. The company’s offerings are used in the latest distribution centers of many of the world’s largest retailers.

For small and medium-sized companies to achieve competitive advantages, businesses need to ensure that they have an effective supply chain, ultimately reducing the risk of losses and improving product delivery. With this new version, DSI is enhancing Cloud Inventory capabilities for online and offline tracking. With an intuitive search-driven interface, you can look up your products in inventory from the Internet and the DSI website.

You can also upload the necessary quantities and their respective addresses. Customers can also order online. All orders are automatically sent to the supplier, who collects the products and sends them to the warehouse for shipping. The new Field Inventory allows businesses to centrally manage their stock position, Jobsite inventory, freight management, and consignment inventory across an enterprise in real-time, both online and offline.

“We are excited about the new software release of the world’s best inventory software and data platform that provides visibility and control across the entire supply chain,” says Mark Goode, CEO, DSI. “This is a game-changing innovation that allows dealers to eliminate many manual processes that take the place of work and causes significant inefficiencies in the field”. Cloud Inventory provides full-featured and intuitive software for more than 20 different types of businesses and individual dealers, including automotive dealers, distributors, and suppliers. The cloud-based solution is developed with the user in mind, integrating seamlessly with current enterprise systems. See this page for related information.


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