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Meeting Jason Hughes of Hughes Marino

About Jason Hughes:


Jason Hughes remains a master pro when it comes to all things “lease restructuring, culture consulting, or lease accounting”, respectively. As Chairman/CEO of Hughes Marino, he’s fought in the game for more than 20 years and knows all ins and outs of tenant-buyer representations, proper plan restructuring and layouts, and so much else. Over Jason Hughes, one could quite literally curate a lengthy book just to cover his many endeavors and achievements as of 2021 Q4 alone. 


What Else Should One Know About Jason Hughes San Diego?


Mr. Hughes studied at Pepperdine University, where he acquired his Business Administration B.S. Jason Hughes has also been featured on countless TV shows and even magazines globally. His specialty lies within lease transactions that specifically encompass the broader spectrum of California, the lovely sunshine state (2nd only to Florida). 


About Hughes Marino:


It is currently led by Jason Hughes and holds buyer representation services. Hughes Marino emphasizes 10 distinctive core values:


  1. Doing the right thing
  2. Delivering excellence
  3. Enjoying the journey
  4. Embracing family
  5. Building long-term relationships
  6. Nurturance (of both the personal and professional)
  7. Knowledge as power, for both growth and continued industry learning
  8. Giving back to local communities through greater ongoing funding endeavors in business & economy (For Jason Hughes, this is one of the main reasons they have successfully grown).
  9. 24/7 proactive approach to all communications (with each lead, client, teammate, and more)
  10. Authenticity + Gratitude + Humility (in perfect balance)