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The Business Impact: Tim Murawski

 Tim Murawski is the type of person who knew he wanted to help people. He also wanted to bring the latest medical technology to his beloved home of Chicago. Now he has been able to accomplish both of these things when he started his own company called Augmedics. As Tim Murawski points out, it has been able to bring the Chicago medical community into the new millennium. It is all thanks to the determination and hard work that Tim Murawski has done in order to make his company an astonishing success.


He has always wanted to help people and have the power to be able to do it. By using robots to do the work of a surgeon for small procedures and minor surgeries. This can help doctors tremendously when it comes to looking at more complicated matters involving patients like major surgery and recovery for the patient. With the use of robots, Tim Murawski adds, the incision can be much smaller and the patient can be up and around within a day. Patients can be home sooner and get back to normal quicker. That is why Augmedics has become a success in the medical community.


 Doctors can use cameras in order to pinpoint the exact problem in the spinal cord area. This technology is called XVision Spine System. It is another one of the new technologies that Tim Murawski stands fully behind. Using technology can make things easier for everyone. That is the main point of Augmedics. IT wants to help people live their best life possible. Tim Murawski is a successful healthcare executive. 

His background in sales has prepared him to be an ideal leader in the field of Medtech. He has been the President and Chief Commercial Officer of Augmedics since 2015. During that time, he has helped the company achieve great success and been a part of several successful startups. During his free time, Tim Murawski enjoys waterskiing, playing tennis, working in the yard, and spending time with his wife of 35 years, who is the most important person in his life.