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Tom Chang MD; Leveraging AI In Eye Health Care

Boasting over 21 years of experience Tom Chang has always envisioned using AI to offer patients comprehensive treatment efficiently. Tom Chang practiced his ophthalmology residency training in the University of Western Ontario. That was after graduating with an MD from the University of Toronto Medical School. Tom Chang MD further completed three fellowships in retinal disease. They included vitreoretinal surgery, macular disease, and ophthalmic pathology from different Universities.


His Achievements

After several years practicing in different capacities, he founded the Retina Institute of California. His expertise led Tom Chang MD to be among the team that conducted the first successful stem cell implantation in the world, a surgical treatment for dry macular degeneration. Through this achievement, the RIC has performed more sub-retinal stem surgeries than any other center worldwide. That has seen him amass an excellent reputation attracting high-end patients, including professional athletes, physicians, and CEOs.


The Eye Care Revolution

Looking to increase a positive impact on his clientele Tom Chang MD resorted to maximizing on AI. With AI being implemented in different sectors and seeing tremendous success, the ophthalmologist thought it wise to implement it in his company, the Acuity Eye Group. Leveraging on AI, the Acuity Eye Group led by Tom Chang MD can analyze data faster and effectively come with treatment sooner. Through their screening test performed in under 20 minutes, they can detect a wide range of medical issues.


Armed with the understanding that a better outcome goes hand in hand with earlier detection. Tom Chang MC advises patients to have frequent checkups and not wait until an issue arises; the AI checkup can detect problems that haven’t shown symptoms yet.


Acuity Eye Group Services

Their team of highly experienced professionals offers ophthalmology, acuity 360, primary eye care, oculoplastics, and retina.

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