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  Vijay Eswaran: After All These Years, This Is What He Still feels When It comes to High-Pressure Times

Many might wonder how a man like Vijay Eswaran can survive in the public eye after all these years. How can one continue to thrive on the edge of the spotlight? The answer, it seems, is that he doesn’t just survive but thrives on it. He might find it difficult to look past the hostile glances and sarcastic remarks when things are going bad. But, when he’s in the right frame of mind, all that matters is that he does everything he can to go back to work and lead an everyday, happy life. This is what he still feels when it comes to high-pressure times, the pressure that gets to him when he’s working on a project that requires him to meet deadlines and produce quality artistry at a high level.

Why is Vijay Eswaran always so in touch with his feelings?

One of the most exciting things about Vijay Eswaran is that he seems to have an ease with social media that many others seem to struggle with. When he’s on the phone or in a meeting, he’s not even aware he’s making any noise. It’s as if he’s already part of the conversation – talking with colleagues and peers, answering texts and emails, and even eating meals with colleagues. This kind of forwardness and ease with the world is almost enough to make you wonder if he’s average or part of something greater. Connect on Linkedin to see full profile of Vijay Eswaeran


We might feel as though we have lost something in life for all the wrong reasons. There might be a sense of foreboding or melancholy that fills our hearts when we walk into a room. Something tells us that something will go wrong, and we have to run in the opposite direction to escape its clutches. Or perhaps we’re afraid of what might happen if we continue to do what we’re doing. Regardless of the reason, something is comforting and reassuring about seeing the positive in a situation like this. Read More HERE: